When the Bed Just Isn’t Big Enough

Hubby and I used to lie in bed … MJ kicking happily in my monstrous belly … and try to picture what it was going to be like when she finally arrived.  How our lives were going to change and how she would fit in to our routine.  One thing that stands out in my memory that we were BOTH looking forward to was the sound of little feet in the hallway, the bounce of the bed as that little body made her way up to the pillows, and the snuggle time we would get first thing in the morning, before the call of the day dragged us from the comfort of the duvet.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the saying “Be careful what you wish for” … I had heard this before but hadn’t really felt its full effect … until last night.

I had just hit the brink of that wonderous feeling of slipping away to slumber when the heart-wrenching cries carried down the hall and hit me like a cold bucket of water.  No matter what anyone tells you, the distressed cries of your kids are 100 times worse to wake up to than ANY alarm clock you could put to the test.  Entering into her room, I could tell that MJ was only slightly awake; still amidst the distressing dream that had led her to call out for Mom.

There are all kinds of opinions out there on the benefits of letting kids cry, of ensuring you set up distinctions of space, and ones that stress the importance of making sure your child spends the night in their own bed … so naturally I gathered up my princess – blankie and all – and carried her into the warmth that is the Mommy/Daddy bed.

As she was still half asleep and it was only 1:30am in the morning, Sleeping Beauty befell to her name sake rather quickly – much to my delight.  I snuggled down with mental pictures: me cuddling her; her cuddling me; the surprise smile on Hubby’s face when he awakes to her little head beside his; the happy morning when her usual salutation comes as a whisper in my ear as opposed to the yell up from the foot of the bed.  Ah, how we dream!!!!

I don’t know if you’re aware, but size can be very deceiving.  For instance, you would think that something that has yet to hit three feet woud be able to squeeze into the tiniest of spots comfortably.  You may also think that said something that weighs less than the family dog would be almost disappear on a queen-sized bed.  You would also think that a pillow-top mattress that can handle the moving of a Hubby-type sleeper, could handle the movements of said little person above.  On all accounts you would be VERY wrong …

MJ being in a new bed was forced to find that comfy spot to which she would fall asleep in … the right side was not the one she wanted. Nor was the left.  She tried her tummy (to no avail) and her back (nope).  As the devoted Mommy that I am, I was determined to find her the perfect spot (also I just wanted to go back to sleep myself!). She flipped and fretted, moved and switched.  After about half an hour – of patient waiting and the constant re-tucking of blankets – the perfect spot had been acquired!!  Yes!!!  Blissful sleep to all that occupied the Queen bed in bedroom #1 – everyone EXCEPT Mom!  The position that MJ found to be most pleasing – encouraged the cutest of snores (similar to Hubby’s but MUCH quieter) – was NOT one I would have encouraged if I would have seen it coming.  Through her twists and turns, MJ had ended up with her feet tucked safely under Daddy’s side; warm and secure.  Her head?  Resting comfortably on Mommy’s tummy.  This would be fine, and presumably cute, if she didn’t require room to stretch.  Seeing as Daddy had yet to stir from the sought after ZZZZZ’s (and is a little bit harder for a two and half-year old to move), it was Mommy that ended up trying to make the wall beside the bed softer than what it really is, as this had become my designated spot.

I would like to tell you that I managed to find a spot that I could make work, and allowed my little Angel to continue on dreaming.  I would like to tell you that even if I didn’t find that spot that meant blissful rest, that I endured as a Mommy should.  I would also like to tell you that I let Hubby got a full nights sleep, and did not inform him of my discomfort.  If I told you these things, I would be lying, so I am not going to do that.  What I will tell you is that I struggled to sleep for a heroic 3 hours, upon which I pinched and shoved Hubby awake; told him to take my Angel back into her room to bed; and selfishly reclaimed MY spot on the bed, fluffed up the pillows for MY head, and made a cocoon with MY duvet.

Hubby came back to bed and fell back asleep.  MJ awoke in her bed without any memory of her journey to Mommy & Daddy’s room … and ME?  I got 3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

PS. After Hubby read the post, he regrettably admitted that he had no idea of the adventure that had played out in our room that night.  What DID he remember?  Just this PART of a conversation:

Me: Wake up!
Him: What? (very sleepily)
Me: You have to take MJ back to her room
Him: Why does she want to go back?
Me: No … I want her to go back

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