I have Received THE VERSATILE BLOGGER Award!!!

I started this Blog on the first of September … just two short months after celebrating the birth of my second daughter, and one short month after having my first freak-out as a new Mother of two:

It was MJ’s birthday (my oldest) and she was turning two.  We had invited all of those that cared for her as much as we did to partake in the festivities … there were uncles and aunts, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, GG’s (Greatgrandma), and friends – including some close to MJ’s age.  Me, being the type of Mom/person I am, was running around making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves – lots to eat, no one was thirsty, smiles all around – especially the birthday girl!!!  We had just dug into the presents portion of the afternoon when my one-month old princess started fussing to eat.  I had MJ yelling excitedly at me to “look, look!!” at everything she got, while the littlest member was demanding attention as well.  I have never felt so torn in my life – how do I remove myself from one daughter’s needs to take care of another?

It sounds like a trivial thing to be worried about, but the realization of my situation came barreling down on me … I would forever be trying to decide which child needed me the most and forcing one of them to wait for me – something I had convinced myself wouldn’t be a problem; that I could handle both at the same time with neither noticing a choice having to be made.  I desperately wanted to believe that they would never feel like I had chosen one over the other – and here I was having to make a decision one month in.

With so much family around I did not have to worry about making a choice, as they equally divided – and took rotations – ensuring that each was engulfed in adoration.  But the damage had been done – for me anyway.  It was later that night, after our guests had finally departed, and I was free to let my mind wander that I took stock of how I had felt.  It wasn’t just the divided attention that was worrying me … I had a plethora of concerns just waiting to be addressed.  I think the biggest kicker was coming to the conclusion that it had nothing to do with being a Mother of Two, and EVERYTHING to do with being a Mom.  I had decided then that I was going to find an outlet for all the thoughts and craziness in my head, and being partial to the written word, I started a Blog.  This of course took me the entire rest of the month, as any Mom will tell you that NOTHING gets done right when you want it to!!!

In the short time that I have allowed myself the freedom to discuss and create my little piece of the Blogging world, I have received more joy than what I could have ever imagined in the beginning.  I write what I feel and about what drives me; all while my muses play at my feet.  I am so glad that there seem to be so many that take just as much enjoyment out of what I share; and I would like to thank those who take the time to add their own little piece, in particular, as you have opened my eyes to the realization that I am exactly where I needed to be.  I look forward to the time when I can share these stories with my girls – that they can see for themselves just how much they meant to me and how much they inspired not ONLY me.


The Versitile Blogger Award is a fun way to give recognition to fellow Bloggers.  Not only does it give the winners a chance to share who they have been reading, but it also increases the potential audience.  I’m not sure about you, but before I pick up a book I check for the ratings … if a friend has recommended it I read it without hesitation.  The same thing happens in the Blog world, only we see this as a need to reward and award!!!  As a recipient, I am VERY glad we do it this way!!  🙂

I have a complete stranger – and yet a devoted friend in the Blogging realm – to thank for my Award …  Shoes on the Wrong Feet (http://blog.shoesonthewrongfeet.com/).   Of all the Blogs that are out there, one of her top fifteen was mine.  I thank her for her confidence in my writing and for her lovely comments.

As with most of the awards in the Blogging Community, this one comes with some rules attached (after all it is about getting your blog out there and giving recognition to others).  Here are the rules:

  • Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
  • Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
  • Share 7 random things about yourself.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Add the Versatile Blog Award picture on your blog post.

So … as I am DEFINITELY a rule follower (hahahaha) I shall continue my attempt to fulfill the obligations and divulge seven random facts about me:

1.  I am on Team Edward when it comes to the books, but most definitely on Team Jacob when referring to the movie (Robert Patterson will ALWAYS be Cedric Diggery to me … just can’t get around it!)

2. I pretend that I am allergic to peas at restaurants – I’m not really, but I hate them SO MUCH that I just CANNOT have them on my plate.

3.  Twitter scares me … probably because I just can’t quite figure it out.

4.  I am a fan of Sponge Bob Square Pants and convince my daughter to watch it so I can too.

5.  I listen really hard when my husband talks about sports to his friends – specifically to certain points about random players – so that when he isn’t around I can repeat them and make it seem like I know more about sports than I really do.  (It Works!)

6.  Just the IDEA of exercise makes me tired – I REALLY need a Jillian Michaels to kick my A** so I can lose this babyweight

7. I would love to cut my hair Super short, but I just don’t have the guts to do it (probably because of all the disaster haircuts I had when I was younger – I blame YOU, Mom!!).

I have to admit that I am very similar to my nominator, in that I read quite a few Blogs but just haven’t added them to my “follow” list and cannot always think of something clever to add in the way of comments.  Many of my nominees will be seeing my name for the first time in this regard, but know that I love your stuff and will be looking forward to your future posts!!!

1.  www.livelovebfashion.blogspot.com … a Mom writing about what gets her going – Fashion!!

2.  http://reasonablyludicrous.wordpress.com/ … these guys are VERY funny – the drawings are only half the fun, so ensure that you read their posts!!

3.  http://anniescookinglab.com/ … these recipes always come with the best stories – and if even I can make the stuff she posts, then ANYONE can!!!

4.  http://asweeterthing.wordpress.com/ … again with the recipes (apparently I need all the help I can get) – this Blog is worth signing up for, if just for the Magic In The Middle cookies (Yum!)

5.  http://www.2sistersandablog.com … LOVED the one where they addressed jeans shopping – check them out!!!

6.  http://becomingcliche.wordpress.com/ … it’s the wit that keeps me coming back!!!

7.  http://veggiesandwichgeneration.wordpress.com/ … I am so glad that she found my Blog and was great enough to leave a comment – it gave me the chance to read her stuff as well!!!  Thanks you!

8.  http://reemfaruqi.wordpress.com/ … again another Blogger who found me first – if she hadn’t I wouldn’t have known that we share a lot of the same dreams  🙂

9.  http://sincejuniorhigh.com … A male point-of-view that makes me laugh on a regular basis

10. http://mommyneedsapinot.wordpress.com/ … if the name doesn’t make you want to read it, the writing will – I think I may be jealous that she came up with it before I did!!!

11.  http://kanatyler.wordpress.com/ … it’s just GOOD!!  Trust me and read already  🙂

12. http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/ … she gets to do stuff that I don’t – and posts pictures so I can live vicariously.  Thanks Lesley!!!

13. http://www.howtobeadad.com/ … this is definitely one of the newer ones I am addicted to (found them on Twitter – so it DOES work!) but just as equally hilarious – I should warn you about some of the pictures, but I’m not going to!!

14.  ?????

15.  ?????

Okay … so you have probably noticed that I have not met the 15 Blog requirement.  This is due to these three simple facts: I am new to the Blogging world; I have two kids under the age of 3 and don’t get a lot of time to search for new blogs; and I am not comfortable with adding just anyone.  So … I will turn it around and ask any of those that I am following or are following me to recommend some to complete my last two spots.

Enjoy the reading … it’s what everyone here is hoping for!!!


About TJ Willard

A Mother of Two, a lover of words, a devourer of books, a horrible baker, a mediocre cleaner, a frequent movie-watcher, a novice photographer, and a needer of rest :)
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7 Responses to I have Received THE VERSATILE BLOGGER Award!!!

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  2. shoes says:

    Your posts are always such fun to read! I am looking forward to checking out your blog picks for the award. 🙂
    Oh, and I am totally scared of Twitter too!!

  3. Renee Mason says:

    Just imagine what a wonderful legacy you are leaving to your children with this blog. They will cherish it someday.

  4. Thank you, thank you! I am not sure if it was reasonable for me to be as excited as I was, because I was SO excited. Also thrilled that you found me because it looks like we have a lot in common.

  5. Annie says:

    Thank you SO much for listing my blog, I’m really glad you enjoy it!

    I love the photo at the top of your page- too cute!

  6. Kana Tyler says:

    I’m honored–thank you! 🙂

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